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Yabbie on the Road:  The L.A. Urban League and Crenshaw High School

June 13, 2011

On my second day in Los Angeles, California, I met Chris Strudwick-Turner, the VP of Marketing & Communications for the L.A. Urban League (LAUL). I learned from Chris that LAUL is a non-profit organization devoted to empowering the people of their community to enter the economic and social mainstream by helping with the development of the Crenshaw neighborhood. One area of concentration that the LAUL has put much effort into is Crenshaw High School, which I had the pleasure of visiting and hearing about the progress that has been made at this school over the past five years.

Upon arriving at Crenshaw High, I helped Griffin, a State Farm videographer, interview a teacher and student about their school and how they feel about the LAUL’s help so far.  Besides hearing about the struggles and progress of Crenshaw High, I also met the President and CEO of LAUL, Blair Taylor.

Mr. Taylor made an excellent point in saying that if we do not elevate our communities and the people in them, our nation will not be globally competitive in the future. I believe he’s right, and I believe this is how LAUL attracts many partners to support them in their efforts. As an intern at State Farm Insurance this summer, I know we’re providing $2.5 million to LAUL over five years (as grant money plus a low-interest loan) to help with their initiatives and the sustainability of their projects. Everyone, including State Farm, benefits from stronger communities. 

It's very inspiring to see a company like State Farm commit to strengthening those communities!  Being on the Youth Advisory Board, I knew that State Farm was involved in communities, but to see it outside of the Board as a part of the overall State Farm culture, that really resonated. 

Stay tuned, Phoenix is next!


By Salema on Jun 13, 2011

That’s so cool!!!

By Jake on Jun 13, 2011

Thanks for all you are doing in the communities we serve!!!!

By Pat on Jun 13, 2011

Good job Lyndsey!!

By Anne Englert on Jun 14, 2011

What a great idea to host a blog so we can keep up with your State Farm adventures.  Go make the most of it and I will check back often.  All my best,  Anne

By Amelia on Jun 16, 2011

We are so proud of you here in the Texas Zone. Keep us posted so we can highlight your trip on our Zone page and through twitter. In Texas, we have worked with several of our Urban Leagues to help communities so I am so pleased that you have seen first hand what we do on the ground through GNC and other community support at State Farm! Go girl!!

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