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Yabbie on the Road: Service-Learning Texas - San Antonio Service-Learning Insitute

June 23, 2011

During the morning session, I had the chance to present to the crowd about my experience as a grantee of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board (YAB), with my connection to the McNeil Green Club and their “Green Cell Project,” funded two years ago, which was my first contact with the YAB.  I relayed the skills I learned by participating with the club in the project, and how the team raised community awareness for energy conservation.  I also gave an overview of the YAB and expand upon how my experience as a grantee has played a large role in my understanding of the grantee/grant reviewer relationship, and has prepared me to sit on the YAB in the reviewer's seat in a way I would consider unique. As a board member, I see the board as a great opportunity for youth to empower other youth to carry out their own service-learning projects, and get them engaged in learning in a unique way. Sitting on the board has shown me the wide range of innovative and engaging project ideas students have and how far they can go to make an impact.  It really shows how service-learning can get youth involved in something they are passionate about.  Representing State Farm at these types of conferences is a interesting aspect of being on the YAB, because I am able to experience events from a different perspective than most my age, and am able to spread the word about the work that I'm a part of with the backing of State Farm.

Amelia spoke about other service-learning opportunities powered by State Farm, including the Project Ignition driver's safety grant program, also funded by State Farm, which can be found here.  A project that stuck out to me was from Earth, Texas - right in our own state! It showed how regardless of location; youth can make a difference in changing driver safety habits for their peers.  More on that project is right here.

It was wonderful to see all these teachers getting involved in service-learning and taking the opportunities back to their schools and communities.  It is engaged groups like this that will help us tackle the education problem.  I hope to see a lot of them applying to be YAB members this fall, and applying for Project Ignition and YAB grants next year!


By Lyndsey Luther on Jun 23, 2011

GO ALANA!!! Ah, I am proud. (TEXAS!!!) :D

By Ernestine Fu on Jun 30, 2011

You’re awesome girl!

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