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Yabbie on the Road: Chicanos Por La Causa and the Buckeye Commerce Center

June 17, 2011


Only a day after we arrived in Los Angeles, it was already time to head to Phoenix, Arizona. There, we visited the Buckeye Commerce Center, a shopping center developed by the organization Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC). I met their CFO, David Adame, and learned that this area of Phoenix is a poor community with little opportunity for growth. The reason for the development of the Buckeye Commerce Center is to bring business to this area of Phoenix to economically help improve quality of life over time. State Farm has provided CPLC $6.4 million as a low-interest loan to help with this project, and even has a field office located in the shopping center.

As a current member of State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB), I’m able to take these experiences back with me and relate them to my duties on the board. YAB is comprised of 30 students from across the U.S. and Canada who are charged with a $5 million initiative to fund youth service-learning projects. Even though I have the great opportunity to read grant submissions for the YAB and learn of the projects we are going to fund, I consider myself even luckier that I got to travel to a few places around the U.S. to learn about community projects in person. The experiences of my travels are ones that I will never forget and are experiences that I can share with my fellow YAB members to help remind them of the importance of what we do.


By Pat on Jun 17, 2011

Very good.  Can’t wait for blog about DC

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