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Yabbie on the Road: America’s Promise Alliance in Washington, DC

July 26, 2011

When we arrived in Washington, D.C., I knew it was time for us to set up for the interview with Mrs. Alma Powell, chairman of the board of the America’s Promise Alliance. For those who don’t know, America’s Promise top priority is to ensure that all young people graduate from high school, and are prepared for college and the American work force. When we arrived at the building, we met many of the people who work with Mrs. Powell, and got to search around her office and the other rooms in the building to see where we wanted to have the interview. As everyone scattered into one of the rooms for a board meeting, Griffin and I waited for Mrs. Powell to arrive. I remember being nervous for her arrival because of how important of a woman she is, and not knowing how her personality would be or the proper way to act around her. Once she arrived and I got to meet and talk with her, I realized my nervousness was unnecessary. She was a gracious and intelligent woman, but was also funny, down to earth, and willing to talk and be friendly to everyone around her, which made me admire her even more than I already did.

Right before we started the interview, Griffin asked me if I wanted to ask her all of the questions while he would record her and her responses. Without even skipping a beat, I gladly said yes. As soon as Mrs. Powell sat down and had the microphone ready, it was time to start the interview that I had long been waiting for. I asked her questions in regards to why the America’s Promise Alliance was started, how State Farm has helped in their efforts, and what they hope for the future of education. I learned from her interview that America is currently facing an education crisis in the fact that 7,000 students drop out of high school each school day--around 1.3 million dropouts per year. State Farm has helped with youth summits that they hold each year, and their goal is to cut the dropout rate in half by 2020.

Just from interviewing Mrs. Powell for 10 minutes, I could hear and feel the passion in her voice. She spoke not only for herself, but for everyone who takes part in America’s Promise and the drive they have to fix the problems in the American education system. Many people will speak of the education problems and point out ways we can turn it around, but Mrs. Powell, along with everyone else at the America’s Promise Alliance, is actually doing something about it. I strongly believe in their initiatives, and it is an honor to work at a company like State Farm that gives their time and efforts to help with such a great cause.


By Pat Luther on Jul 26, 2011

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