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From this page you can apply to be a part of the State Farm Youth Advisory Board. The YAB is one of the nation’s most exciting opportunities for youth empowerment and development. The board is comprised of 30 youth from around the country who serve as equal members on the board. The board is given responsibility over $5 million dollars to grant service-learning and community impact projects that seek to solve important domestic issues.  Board Members are selected through a competitive application process, and all applications are read and reviewed by at least two members of an internal review team at Corporate.  Please read all of the information carefully.

2016 YAB Board Member Applications Timeline

Commitment expected of the Board Members:

The Board’s work is handled through four in-person meetings at State Farm Corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois or at other locations within the U.S. Primary commitment to the board and time working is through electronic communications between meetings. The expectation is that all associate and board members will commit 15 hours per month to board activities.

All Youth Advisory Board meetings are mandatory for all board and associate board members. Previous boards decided that the first board meeting is critical to understanding the mission, helping develop processes and getting to know fellow board members before working online to develop the grant proposals. The funding meeting is where the board makes all its decisions on grants to be funded. IF you cannot make these meetings, your candidacy as an applicant WILL be affected. Please be honest with yourself about whether you would be able to make this board – and its board meetings – a priority. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account.

As of now only two of our meetings have been announced for 2016.  Youth Advisory Board meetings beginning with the term that begins January 2, 2016 and ends January 2, 2017 will take place on:

  • January 2-6, 2016 - Bloomington, IL
    • Key Events
      • Orientation of associate board members
      • Current associate board members move to board status
      • Board members rotate to alumni status
      • Development of new board’s mission, goals and issue areas
      • Decision by board on operating processes and structure
  • Spring Meeting - Time and Location TBD - Spring 2016
    • Key Events
      • Board meeting
      • Overview of grant review process
  • July 29- August 2, 2016 - Bloomington, IL
    • Key Events
      • Funding meeting for grants


Youth Advisory Board Members’ Expenses

All travel, lodging and meal expenses of Board and Associate Board members are covered for all meetings initiated by State Farm relative to Board activities. Board and Associate Board members will not be compensated for their time other than through expense reimbursement. There is no personal financial cost associated with board and associate board membership.


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